wooden gates

Buy Doors, Gates and Gate Posts

We have a comprehensive selection of metal, wooden and bespoke gates and everything you need for your new door or gate project.


A great range of metal gates, posts and doors

We carry a huge selection of IAE galvanised gates, we have field, half meshed & heavy duty gates starting from 3ft up to 16ft in both styles in stock and can source any other style made by IAE upon request. We have in stock a large range of  Field gates, Stock gates,1/2 Mesh, posts and fittings.

Wooden Doors and Gates

Beautiful or functional wooden gates and doors

A vast selection of gate styles to suit every taste, we have wicket gates as well as field gates, we can get gates made to order any size or style. Gates can have a plained finish or be rough sawn.

Gate Posts

Complete The Look With Stylish Gate Posts

We have an extensive stock of both timber and galvanized gate posts to suit all sizes of gates. All Timber posts have a pyramid top to make your new gates stand out.

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