Hozelock is one of Britain’s favourite gardening suppliers. We stock an extensive range of their products available here online and in our Tools shop at Threapwood Timber Yard.

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Accessory Adaptor | Hozelock

£3.60 inc VAT (£3.00 ex VAT)

Accessory adaptor with threaded 3/4″ BSP to provide a quick connection between other Hozelock products such as sprinklers and connectors.

Double Male Connector | Hozelock

£4.20 inc VAT (£3.50 ex VAT)

This product allows hoses to be joined together and can be used as a temporary or repair solution. It is made using high quality materials for durability and will suit any Hozelock connection.

Hose End Connector | Hozelock

£4.20 inc VAT (£3.50 ex VAT)

This fitting features ‘click & connect’ technology for easy use. Made using the highest quality materials to allow for a leak-proof product that is also durable.

Hose Repair Connector | Hozelock

£4.20 inc VAT (£3.50 ex VAT)

Repair – Made from the highest quality material, this Hozelock Hose Repair Connector is perfect for repairing damage along hosepipe.

Extend – This hose connector, can also be used to permanently connect two lengths of hose together.

Round Mixer Tap Connector | Hozelock


Designed for mixer, round and oval spout taps – Suitable for taps with a maximum diameter of 18mm or 24mm.

Ideal for non-threaded taps – Can be used on both indoor and outdoor taps.

Compatible with Hozelock hose fittings – thanks to the universal male end connector.

Creates a leak-free seal – Securely tighten the stainless steel clip around the tap. It can be quickly removed from the tap when not required.

Hose End Connector Pro | Hozelock

£7.80 inc VAT (£6.50 ex VAT)

This fitting is best used for connecting a tap to the end of the hose. The Zinc cast sleeve ensures that the connector is strong, durable and scratch resistant.

Hose Hanger | Hozelock

£10.80 inc VAT (£9.00 ex VAT)

The Hozelock Hose Hanger is a fantastic space saver, helping to keep your garden clutter free, whilst protecting your hose and accessories from damage.

Robust – Built to last, it can store up to 30m of 19mm hose for easy and hassle-free access.

Convenient – With park points for your connectors, nozzles and spray guns, plus additional storage space to the front, the Hose Hanger provides a convenient way to store your hose and watering tools.

Hose Connection Set | Hozelock

£11.40 inc VAT (£9.50 ex VAT)

Made from high quality materials, this Hozelock Hose Connection Set is the perfect way to connect your Hozelock Hose Reel or Cart to your outdoor tap without sacrificing the length of your hose.

It is 1.5m in length and comes ready for use with a 3/4″ or 1/2″ threaded tap connector that fits 95% of all outdoor taps and two hose end connectors.

Dual Tap Connector | Hozelock

£13.20 inc VAT (£11.00 ex VAT)

This product allows 2 hoses to be connected to a single tap. Features include: independent water control for each outlet and easy installation.

Allows two hoses to be connected to a single tap – Individual controls allows one or both hoses to be turned on or off.

Individual flow control – Thanks to separate flow control on each side, the water can be adjusted to flow between 0% – 100%.

Easy to install – Simply screw straight on to a standard garden tap or use the included accessory adaptor for use ‘inline’.

Comes complete with a 3/4″ 26.5mm BSP thread suitable for 95% of taps and an adaptor for older 1/2″ 21mm BSP taps.

Multi Spray Gun | Hozelock

£13.80 inc VAT (£11.50 ex VAT)

Compact water spray gun that is packed with features including five spray patterns, making it perfect for watering and cleaning.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Five spray patterns for all garden tasks
  • Made from high quality materials for increased durability
  • Quick connect male connector allows a simple connection to your Hozelock System
  • Flow control that adjusts the level of water sprayed