SUPREME PRODUCTS offer an exceptional range of grooming products and complimentary garments designed for use when presentation matters. Our products can be used in the show ring, in the dressage arena or at the trot up when it is vital that your horse or pony looks their best.

We have 25 years experience in producing world class products and garments and lead the way in new product design and development

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Supreme Professional Blue Rinse

£10.80 inc VAT

Use Supreme Products Blue Rinse to enhance the colour of white, grey, black, brown and coloured coats, this product can be used when shampooing is not necessary or as a final rinse. Use very sparingly – only ¼ to ½ a level teaspoon in a 2 gallon bucket of warm water should be adequate. Test on hairs first.

Supreme Professional Stain Remover Spray

£16.79 inc VAT

Tip – it is always better to dab at the stain when removing – Spray Supreme Products Stain Remover on to the stain then ‘lift’ it off with a sponge which will absorb the stain (rather than dispersing the stain across the body).

Supreme Cover Magic – Black

£17.40 inc VAT

Supreme Products Cover Magic Black or Brown can be used to cover marks or scars and stray coloured hairs or to add definition to dark legs.

To cover over marks or scars or stray coloured hairs, spray directly on to the coat or apply using a soft cloth, allow to dry (this will dry in a matter of seconds) then brush off any excess.

Supreme Cover Magic – White

£17.40 inc VAT

Supreme Products Cover Magic White can be used to cover over marks and scars as well as to whiten socks and cover over last minute stains. Spray from a distance of approx 10 inches through the tail to cover stains and brush with a soft brush to disperse.