SUPREME PRODUCTS offer an exceptional range of grooming products and complimentary garments designed for use when presentation matters. Our products can be used in the show ring, in the dressage arena or at the trot up when it is vital that your horse or pony looks their best.

We have 25 years experience in producing world class products and garments and lead the way in new product design and development

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Supreme Blue Shampoo

£11.99 inc VAT

This concentrated blue shampoo works effectively on all coat colours promoting depth of colour and giving definition


Supreme Hot Oil

£13.19 inc VAT

Supreme Products Hot Oil is ideal for hot clothing – to clean the coat; remove grease and dirt and to add great condition and shine to the coat


Supreme Glistening Oil

£14.39 inc VAT

A superior light grooming oil to add the final touches to eyes and muzzle, coat and legs before entering the ring or arena