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Jointed Mouth Snaffle

£10.50 inc VAT

This is a basic jointed mouth snaffle with loose rings to allow more movement in the horse’s mouth. Mouthpiece thickness: 13mm, Cheek height: 40mm (4.5), 65mm (5-6),

Magic Snaffle

£10.99 inc VAT

The port in this bit removes some pressure from the horse’s tongue and redistributes it. The loose rings allow movement. Mouthpiece thickness: 11mm, Cheek height: 50mm,

Hollow Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle

£11.99 inc VAT

A hollow mouth bit is significantly lighter than a solid one. The loose rings can help if a horse leans on the bit. Mouthpiece thickness: 18mm, Cheek height: 65mm,

Flexible Rubber Mouth Snaffle

£11.99 inc VAT

This bit is made from flexible rubber meaning that the mouthpiece is soft and kind on the horse’s mouth. Perfect for in hand or first ridden. Mouthpiece thickness: 21mm, Cheek height: 65mm,

Chifney Bit

£13.50 inc VAT

The Chifney is not designed for riding, but is perfect for leading difficult horses or those that are likely to rear up.

French Link Bradoon

£15.50 inc VAT

This is a traditional French link with a flat plate. It has small loose rings making it perfect for horses with small heads and those who require more movement in the bit. Mouthpiece thickness: 14mm, Cheek height: 50mm,

Bevel Bit With Jointed Mouth

£16.50 inc VAT

The loose ring bevel allows a mild lever action with a snaffle mouth. The snaffle mouth applies pressure to the bars, squeezing the tongue. From a size 5 upwards the ring size increases to keep the bit in proportion for larger horses. Mouthpiece thickness: 12mm (4), 14mm (4.5-6), Cheek height: 55mm (4”,4.5, 5”), 70mm (5.5”),