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Bit Guards

£1.60 inc VAT

Designed to help prevent the bit pinching the horse’s lips, bit guards are most often seen on bridles which have loose ring snaffles. Sold in pairs.

Jointed Mouth Snaffle

£10.50 inc VAT

This is a basic jointed mouth snaffle with loose rings to allow more movement in the horse’s mouth. Mouthpiece thickness: 13mm, Cheek height: 40mm (4.5), 65mm (5-6),

Magic Snaffle

£10.99 inc VAT

The port in this bit removes some pressure from the horse’s tongue and redistributes it. The loose rings allow movement. Mouthpiece thickness: 11mm, Cheek height: 50mm,

Hollow Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle

£11.99 inc VAT

A hollow mouth bit is significantly lighter than a solid one. The loose rings can help if a horse leans on the bit. Mouthpiece thickness: 18mm, Cheek height: 65mm,

Flexible Rubber Mouth Snaffle

£11.99 inc VAT

This bit is made from flexible rubber meaning that the mouthpiece is soft and kind on the horse’s mouth. Perfect for in hand or first ridden. Mouthpiece thickness: 21mm, Cheek height: 65mm,

Chifney Bit

£13.50 inc VAT

The Chifney is not designed for riding, but is perfect for leading difficult horses or those that are likely to rear up.

French Link Bradoon

£15.50 inc VAT

This is a traditional French link with a flat plate. It has small loose rings making it perfect for horses with small heads and those who require more movement in the bit. Mouthpiece thickness: 14mm, Cheek height: 50mm,

Bevel Bit With Jointed Mouth

£16.50 inc VAT

The loose ring bevel allows a mild lever action with a snaffle mouth. The snaffle mouth applies pressure to the bars, squeezing the tongue. From a size 5 upwards the ring size increases to keep the bit in proportion for larger horses. Mouthpiece thickness: 12mm (4), 14mm (4.5-6), Cheek height: 55mm (4”,4.5, 5”), 70mm (5.5”),