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Daisy Rein

£9.50 inc VAT

Perfect for inexperienced riders or children, the daisy rein clips to both sides of the saddle and buckles onto the crown of the bridle to stop the horse or pony from putting his head down. Adjustable along the neck strap for the perfect fit, an elastic insert along the neck strap prevents uncomfortable jolts.

Web Lunge Rein

£10.00 inc VAT

Flat web lunge rein featuring a trigger clip at one end and hand loop at the other. 7.5m (25′) long,

Elastic Training Reins

£10.99 inc VAT

Elastic training aid that gently encourages correct head carriage by applying light pressure at the poll. Easy to fit, the elastic passes through the bit and clips on to either the saddle D-rings or girth. Made from 6mm tubular elastic with adjustment on the poll.

Flexi Rein®

£16.99 inc VAT

This simple patented rein attachment has been developed to provide the correct starting point for a relaxed, balanced and obedient horse. The Flexi-Rein® design allows your horse to naturally flex at the poll and neck, encouraging him to relax as the uptake of elastic relieves any extra tension and pressure on the sensitive mouth area. Ensures improved results every time you ride, whether out hacking, schooling or during competition and is also invaluable whilst lunging. Largely eliminates pulling, jogging, leaning on the bit, head tossing, snatching at the reins and relieves tension. Two levels of adjustment: the first for general schooling/hacking, the second for stronger horses or for faster work where more control is needed.

Cotton Web Draw/running Reins

£19.00 inc VAT

Draw reins assist with encouraging a good outline. They act on the bars and corners of the mouth to exert downwards pressure on the poll to encourage flexion. These cotton reins feature spring clips at each end and loop attachment to the girth and saddle straps.

Rope Lunge Rein

£22.00 inc VAT

Rope lunging rein with swivel trigger clip at one end and hand loop at the other.7.5m (25′) long,