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Drop Bolt For Metal Gates

£14.40 inc VAT

Its extremely useful to have a drop bolt on double gates as its common for only one gate to be needed at a time, it also reduces the chance of gates twisting and bending with either the weather or stock pushing upon them.

Gate Hanging Kit (Hooks To Drive)

£19.20 inc VAT

This hanging kit is most popular with our fencing contractors and professional landscapers. It comes with the following items;

  • 1 xTop Band
  • 1 x Adjustable Gate Eye
  • 1 x Hook to Drive
  • 1 x Hook to Bolt

Everything you traditionally need to hang a gate. You will require a drill and a 10mm and 20mm wood drill bit to fit this kit. The beauty of buying this kit whole isn’t just the financial saving but also the peace of mind that you have everything to hang the gate you need. Please don’t forget to order a closing fitting for the other end though!

Gate Hanging Kits (Bolt Hooks on Plates)

£19.20 inc VAT

This hanging kit complete with hooks on plates is our most popular kit with the less experienced. Due to the hooks on plate being a lot easier to fit than the hook to drive and hook to bolt, also if a mistake is made its a lot easier to correct!

Included in this kit are;

  • 1 x Top Band
  • 1 x Adjustable Gate Eye
  • 2 x 4 Hole Hook On Plates

We will also provide all the bolts and coach screws to suit free of charge.  Everything comes galvanised which stops the product from rusting and rotting and increase the life span of the product. You will need a drill and a 10mm drill bit.

The most important part of using this product is the placement and fixing of the hook on plates as once these have been secured in place and the top band and adjustable eye have been fixed to the gate the eyes slide on to the hooks. So fixing the plates level, square and at the right distance is paramount to a smooth installation.