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Bow Handle

£1.20 inc VAT

This standard 150mm galvanised bow handle is very popular with garden gates and garden shed doors alike. Easy to fix as its predrilled with 4 standard sized screw holes. Made out of light weight but strong rolled aluminium its tough enough to do the job but light enough to not weigh lightweight doors down. Its bright zinc plated to prevent rust and rot.

Standard Gate Staple

£1.20 inc VAT

This is common place in agricultural and equine fields and most contractors and farmers will have stock of these for repairs and renewals. IT comes galvanised to prevent rotting and rusting

Cabin Hooks (150mm)

£3.00 inc VAT

Cabin hooks are a popular way of shutting or opening small wooden gates or as the name suggest holding little ‘cabin’ doors back. They are typically found on garden sheds, garden gates, play houses, animal shelters and dog kennels

Auto Latch

£3.60£9.60 inc VAT

Our most popular fitting for closing gates, the large Auto Latch is easy to use, easy to fit and due its galvanised coating requires no maintenance!

Our small auto latch is ideally suited to small garden gates or wicket gates.


Large Gate Staple

£3.60 inc VAT

Due to its heavy duty nature this fitting is usually used in agricultural  requirement but has been used in alternative uses such as replaces footholds on telegraph poles!

Loop Bolt Receiver

£4.80 inc VAT

Made from heavy duty 5mm thick mild steel this loop bolt receiver is commonly used on most gate ways using metal gates and some wooden gates depending on the ironmongery. It comes galvanised for a long life, as standard.

Traditionally people would drill the wooden shutting post to allow a bolt to slide in the hole and therefore fasten the gate, however we now know that this seriously damages the lifespan of the wooden post by breaking the treatment barrier. Hence the new popularity of the loop receiver.