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Brenton / Pad Bolts


This Brenton bolt is recommended for internal & external use. It is ideal for securing doors.

  • Steel construction
  • Fixings supplied

Features and benefits

  • Can be used with a padlock for added security

Loop Bolt Receiver

£4.80 inc VAT (£4.00 ex VAT)

Made from heavy duty 5mm thick mild steel this loop bolt receiver is commonly used on most gate ways using metal gates and some wooden gates depending on the ironmongery. It comes galvanised for a long life, as standard.

Traditionally people would drill the wooden shutting post to allow a bolt to slide in the hole and therefore fasten the gate, however we now know that this seriously damages the lifespan of the wooden post by breaking the treatment barrier. Hence the new popularity of the loop receiver.

Monkey Tail Bolt

£7.80 inc VAT (£6.50 ex VAT)

The Monkey Tail Bolt is traditionally used on garage doors, but over time has been used for other purposes such as large garden shed doors and animal stabling.

Overall this bolt measures 600mm long and sits on a 50mm wide plate, which comes predrilled for screws. It is also galvanised to stop rusting and rotting. When fully pushed up or down the Monkey Tails bolt sticks out approximately 80mm, give ample length to secure the door or gate. Its common place to have two of these on one gate, one facing upwards and the other facing down.

Lockable Drop Bolt (24″)

£10.80 inc VAT (£9.00 ex VAT)

The lockable drop bolt is perfect for gateways that are either away from your property or you need additional security at certain times. They are popular with home owners on their drive ways so these gates can be locked shut during work hours or holidays, giving you some additional peace of mind.

Easy to fit they come complete with fittings to suit a 60mm thick gate, if your gate is thicker than this please inform us during the purchase of this product. If you buy this lockable drop bolt and one of our gates we will automatically send you fittings to suit.

Drop Bolt For Metal Gates

£14.40 inc VAT (£12.00 ex VAT)

Its extremely useful to have a drop bolt on double gates as its common for only one gate to be needed at a time, it also reduces the chance of gates twisting and bending with either the weather or stock pushing upon them.