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Cabin Hooks


Cabin hooks are a popular way of shutting or opening small wooden gates or as the name suggest holding little ‘cabin’ doors back. They are typically found on garden sheds, garden gates, play houses, animal shelters and dog kennels

Auto Latch


Our most popular fitting for closing gates, the large Auto Latch is easy to use, easy to fit and due its galvanised coating requires no maintenance!

Our small auto latch is ideally suited to small garden gates or wicket gates.


Gate Hook on Chain

£4.80 inc VAT (£4.00 ex VAT)

Galvanised to guarantee a long life span against rust and rot this hook on chain is common place around most gardens and animal pens. It comes complete with screw in eye to hold the chain and another screw in eye to receive the hook.

The hook on this product also has an anti return clip which stops animals from knocking the hook out of the eye and opening the gate. This is a useful feature as most animals gate very inquisitive around gates and latches!

Suffolk Latch

£6.00 inc VAT (£5.00 ex VAT)

Its doesn’t get any more traditional than a Suffolk latch.

This has been one of the most popular gate clapping products for years and years. Ours is a newer take on the traditional design slimmed down for a slimmer and more sleek design. As with most of our hardware it comes galvanised to provided a long life and to prevent against rot and rust.

The Suffolk latch is used frequently by landscapers, gardeners and fencing professionals with great success. It is commonly used on side gates to the rear of peoples properties on gates that are solid. The beauty of the Suffolk latch is that is allows the gate to be opened from from both sides but also allowing the gate to be much taller than the standard gates. This helps increase privacy around the side and rear of your property without limiting the access.


Ring Latch

£6.00 inc VAT (£5.00 ex VAT)

Perfect for Garden Gates

A popular product on any garden gate the ring latch allows easy use from either side of a fully board gate. Easy to fit and sturdy in construction this ring latch suits gates that are 80-85mm thick. Please note you will need a 10mm wooden drill bit to fit this to your gate.

It comes fully galvanised to help achieve a long life span with protection against rot and rusting.

Drop Over Frame (No Handle) 14″

£6.00 inc VAT (£5.00 ex VAT)

Light Drop Over Frame For Shorter Gates

This is a lighter weight product than the drop over frame with handle and is predominately used by the gardener and landscaper for small shorter gates that need a lighter drop over frame.

One massive benefit to this drop over frame is that without the handle it has a much sleeker looker on the gate once closed, for this reason it is popular with more modern gate ways and those not wanting ironmongery to be seen.

4 Hole Hook On Plate

£9.00 inc VAT (£7.50 ex VAT)

Heavy Duty Gate Hanging Hooks

This is a standard product for all landscapers, small holders, contractors and farmers. The four hole hook on plate is normally used on square gate posts as the four fixing points and large back plate give a sturdy and strong backing to hang any gate from 600mm to 4800mm.

The hook on plate is easy to fix and we recommend using 100mm coach screws complete with washers.

2 Hole Hook On Plate

£9.00 inc VAT (£7.50 ex VAT)

Heavy Duty Gate Hanging Hooks

These hooks are used by everyone from the expert fencing contractor to the normal DIY-er.  Typically these hooks are used to hang garden gates and decorative gates which need a little more support from a heavy fixing. They are a good match if you currently have some ironmongery and need to match hooks to it.

The two hole hook on plate is most commonly used on round gate posts as it sits and fixes nicely in to the circular face. For square gate posts please see the four hole hook on plate which may be more suitable.