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Creoseal Plus


Creoseal Plus is an oil based wood treatment for use on exterior timber, such as fences, gates and garden sheds. The properties of Creoseal Plus provide protection against weather damage and excellent surface water repellence. The product enhances grain definition and exhibits the characteristics familiar to traditional creosote users.

Available in Light Brown and Dark brown colours.

Cuprinol Woodworm Killer

£12.00 inc VAT (£10.00 ex VAT)

Cuprinol Woodworm Killer (WB) is a clear water-based low odour formulation that kills all types of woodworm. Its deep penetration prevents re-infestation and ensures effective protection for years to come. Do not use on beehives or bee keeping equipment.

Cuprinol Ducksback


This product can be applied with a fence brush or roller to provide protection against the elements. The average drying time is 2-4 hours and can cover up to 5 square meters per litre.

Features include:

  • showerproof in just 1 hour,
  • wax enriched formula to repel water,
  • long lasting protection,
  • non-drip formula for easy application,
  • safe to use around pets and plants and is low odour.

Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil


Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil can be used to penetrate into wood to replace natural oils and resins lost through weathering. Its tinted formula revitalises the colour of weathered wood.

Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil is made using a hard wearing formula and penetrates the decking to replace natural oils and resins that may have been lost through weathering. The replacement of these oils and resins will help to keep your decking in good condition and prevent UV damage from sunlight.

Cuprinol Total Deck Restorer

£55.80 inc VAT (£46.50 ex VAT)

Cuprinol Total Deck offers a natural finish that protects your deck all year round. Its unique double action formulation restores and protects grey and weathered wood.

Cuprinol Total Deck is easily applied with a garden broom, which can be washed after use and re-used. This innovative new decking solution not only pre treats your deck but gives you a protective finish.