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Horizont Electric Fence Gate Handle

£6.00 inc VAT (£5.00 ex VAT)

This is electric handle is our best seller and is a real allrounder,  used by everyone we sell electric fencing too, from farmers to equestrians! Sturdy plastic construction and a strong spring makes it perfect for the job.

Horizont Gate Spring Set (5m)

£9.60 inc VAT (£8.00 ex VAT)

The gate handle set with spring allows the gate to be opened without earthing the wire on the ground and is extendable up to a massive 5m! The spring is conductive and will be electrified when the charge is on so be careful. Sold individually the set includes a gate handle, spring and gate handle insulator and a ring insulator. The complete kit for the job!

Horizont Gate Anchors (10 per pack)

£12.00 inc VAT (£10.00 ex VAT)

Commonly know as a gate anchor or butterfly insulator this is the most popular way of securing a spring gate to your fence. Sold in bags of 10, they can also be used to join electric fence wire on a post if your roll runs out. They are fast and easy to install.