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18mm Tongue & Groove P5 Chipboard

£10.20 inc VAT

Our tongue & groove (T&G) boards are 600mm wide and 2400mm long, and are all prepared to P5 grade. P5 grade means that these boards are moisture resistant structural grade boards suitable for residential applications. The T&G helps to add additional strength and also create a nice neat smooth finished floor, ready for covering.

Normally you would use minimum of 400mm joist centres during construction involving this board, which is commonly used in all house floors and lofts.

5.5mm / 9mm / 12mm / 18mm Hardwood Plywood

£11.40£33.60 inc VAT

Our hardwood plywood is part of the ‘Select’ range which is the middle of three hardwood grades. The Select range is backed up with a robust audit process during manufacture  to ensure it complies with the European Union Timber Regulations (EUTR) and the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR). This ensures we deliver consistent, reliable product to the market at all times.

The plywood has a smart re Pencil Cedar face and a hardwood core supported by intermediate glues. These boards are used consistently in the internal construction of extensions and garages and are used in to ply line vans in the thinner sizes. They can be cut with a handsaw but a mechanical saw or jig saw makes the work a lot lighter.

OSB/Sterling Board (OSB3)

£14.40£20.40 inc VAT

Our OSB / Sterling boards are rated to OSB3 which is manufactured in accordance to EN300 and is the perfect choice for roofing, flooring and wall sheathing where strength, moisture resistance and flame retardance are paramount. OSB3 is common place on all building and renovations sites.

12mm and 18mm Sheathing Plywood

£18.00£26.40 inc VAT

Sheathing plywood is most commonly used for hoarding around building sites, shuttering and general packaging and non regulated construction. By this we mean Sheathing grade is commonly found in the manufacture of equestrian stabling and shelters, dog kennels, play house, log stores and garden sheds.

Sheathing is extremely popular with professionals, landscapers, farmers, and DIY-ers. It’s easily cut with a handsaw although a jigsaw does make work a lot easier.

Resin Bonded Plywood (Phenolic Coated)

£54.00 inc VAT

Phenolic coated or resin bonded plywood is coated for additional protection agains the elements. One face is smooth and the other is ‘pimpled’ for grip. Commonly used for trailer floors, most good quality trailer manufacturers use this product.

The process of resin bonding and heat treatment produces a plywood very similar to marine plywood; waterproof, strong and durable and able to withstand extreme heat and pressure. This makes this board user friendly in some construction usages, and can be found in hard wearing applications.