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4″ x 1″ Timber Pales – Round Top

Our softwood pales are a great addition to any garden in either pointed or round topped variation. Providing an adequate boundary fence for children, pets or just to provide demarkation of your boundary these are sure to enhance the landscape.
The varying lengths of pickets allow you step up or down for different heights throughout your property. 900mm for example is enough to stop a small dog from wandering off but won’t spoil your view from a deck chair!

3″ x 1″ Timber Pales – Round Top

Pressure treated for a long life expectancy these pails are robust and built to last. There are no ‘standard’ spacing but we always recommend that you allow at least 25mm between pails.
We also a special service where we can cut any picket to any size, out of softwood or hardwood and we can even plain the timber so its smooth to the touch. For information on this service please either email or phone our office.