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Building Sand – Red


Building sand for all general building uses.

  • Consistent colour and quality
  • Mix with cement and water to make bricklaying mortar
  • For use in bricklaying and internal rendering
  • Can be used for bedding of pond liners
  • This is a natural product and colour may vary

Concreting Sharp Sand


Sharp sand for a smooth finish in concreting, screeds and render.

  • Available in small handy bags or bulk bags for large project quantities

MOT Type 1 (Limestone)

£45.60 inc VAT (£38.00 ex VAT)

Bulk bag of MOT type 1, typically used as a high quality fill or sub-base material

Sometimes described as ‘Hardcore’

Used in the construction of driveways, garden building bases and other construction applications

Meets all Department of Transport specifications

For preparing an even surface for Asphalt driveways and roads

Coverage will be dependent on depth laid, ground conditions etc

Yellow Building Sand | Bulk Bag

£66.00 inc VAT (£55.00 ex VAT)

Yellow building sand for all general building use.

  • Provides lighter coloured mortar for easier colour-matching
  • For use laying bricks and blocks
  • Can be used for bedding of pond liners
  • Mix with cement and water to make bricklaying mortar

Cotswold Stone -Bulk Bags

£72.00 inc VAT (£60.00 ex VAT)
This beautiful creamy white stone can really enhance any garden or landscape. Its commonly used on pathways, borders, driveways, plant pots and in and around patios. Cotswold stone is bright in the sunshine and then becomes shiny in the rain, making it perfect to brighten up your day!
This stone provides excellent drainage quality and will help to block small weeds, although to totally block weeds we recommend using a geo-textile product.

Top Soil -Bulk Bag

£78.00 inc VAT (£65.00 ex VAT)
Our high quality top soil is your perfect garden and landscaping growing medium. Tested to British Standard BS3882:2015 to guarantee quality and consistency this is the best top soil on the market today.

Autumn Gold 10mm -Bulk Bag

£78.00 inc VAT (£65.00 ex VAT)

Autumn Gold is not only at attractive blend of sandy amber flakes and a mix of honey toned stones, that help to warm a  garden on even the dullest days. It is also has some real landscaping qualities, such as did you know it can be used in fish ponds? boarders? drive ways? patios? pathways? and even in the top of your plant pots?

Blue Slate Mulch -Bulk Bag

£90.00 inc VAT (£75.00 ex VAT)

Blue slate mulch contain deep blue and vivid purple tones making it perfect for a dramatic or contemporary splash of colour in any garden. When its dry the colour is softer but becomes glossy when wet.

Common applications are in water features, boarders, mulching areas and to most peoples surprise fish ponds.