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When purchasing a galvanised product from WBurtons you are guaranteed maximum build quality with excellent value for money. All IAE steel products are galvanised to British standard.

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Drop Over Frame (No Handle) 14″

£6.00 inc VAT (£5.00 ex VAT)

Light Drop Over Frame For Shorter Gates

This is a lighter weight product than the drop over frame with handle and is predominately used by the gardener and landscaper for small shorter gates that need a lighter drop over frame.

One massive benefit to this drop over frame is that without the handle it has a much sleeker looker on the gate once closed, for this reason it is popular with more modern gate ways and those not wanting ironmongery to be seen.

4 Hole Hook On Plate

£9.00 inc VAT (£7.50 ex VAT)

Heavy Duty Gate Hanging Hooks

This is a standard product for all landscapers, small holders, contractors and farmers. The four hole hook on plate is normally used on square gate posts as the four fixing points and large back plate give a sturdy and strong backing to hang any gate from 600mm to 4800mm.

The hook on plate is easy to fix and we recommend using 100mm coach screws complete with washers.

Top Band

£9.60 inc VAT (£8.00 ex VAT)

This top band suits our own range of wooden gates or any gate that has a top bar width of 75mm (approx). It is more than strong enough to hold any gate up to 4800mm, but is also used on gates as small as 900mm.

This can be brought as part of the Gate Hanging Set if you require the whole hanging set but if you already have hooks, in a stone post for example then this is perfectly paired with the adjustable bottom eye. Please note that this product does require you to drill the top of your gate to fit the bolts so you may require a 10mm wood drill bit.

Drop Over Frame (with handle) 14″

£9.60 inc VAT (£8.00 ex VAT)

This is our most popular drop over frame.

Its strong construction made out of 4mm thick mild steel which provides a real heavy duty drop over frame.

It is used when two gates are used as a pair that shut together, the drop over frame stops the gates from moving and twisting over time by securing them together. Its a must for all double gate openings.

It neatly hinges on one gate (usually the larger) to fold over the other. If the two gates are the same length it doesn’t matter which side it goes on. When you need to open the gates it rotates all the way back over and on to the gate it is hinged on.



Lockable Drop Bolt (24″)

£10.80 inc VAT (£9.00 ex VAT)

The lockable drop bolt is perfect for gateways that are either away from your property or you need additional security at certain times. They are popular with home owners on their drive ways so these gates can be locked shut during work hours or holidays, giving you some additional peace of mind.

Easy to fit they come complete with fittings to suit a 60mm thick gate, if your gate is thicker than this please inform us during the purchase of this product. If you buy this lockable drop bolt and one of our gates we will automatically send you fittings to suit.

Drop Bolt For Metal Gates

£14.40 inc VAT (£12.00 ex VAT)

Its extremely useful to have a drop bolt on double gates as its common for only one gate to be needed at a time, it also reduces the chance of gates twisting and bending with either the weather or stock pushing upon them.

Gate Hanging Kit (Hooks To Drive)

£19.20 inc VAT (£16.00 ex VAT)

This hanging kit is most popular with our fencing contractors and professional landscapers. It comes with the following items;

  • 1 xTop Band
  • 1 x Adjustable Gate Eye
  • 1 x Hook to Drive
  • 1 x Hook to Bolt

Everything you traditionally need to hang a gate. You will require a drill and a 10mm and 20mm wood drill bit to fit this kit. The beauty of buying this kit whole isn’t just the financial saving but also the peace of mind that you have everything to hang the gate you need. Please don’t forget to order a closing fitting for the other end though!

Gate Hanging Kits (Bolt Hooks on Plates)

£19.20 inc VAT (£16.00 ex VAT)

This hanging kit complete with hooks on plates is our most popular kit with the less experienced. Due to the hooks on plate being a lot easier to fit than the hook to drive and hook to bolt, also if a mistake is made its a lot easier to correct!

Included in this kit are;

  • 1 x Top Band
  • 1 x Adjustable Gate Eye
  • 2 x 4 Hole Hook On Plates

We will also provide all the bolts and coach screws to suit free of charge.  Everything comes galvanised which stops the product from rusting and rotting and increase the life span of the product. You will need a drill and a 10mm drill bit.

The most important part of using this product is the placement and fixing of the hook on plates as once these have been secured in place and the top band and adjustable eye have been fixed to the gate the eyes slide on to the hooks. So fixing the plates level, square and at the right distance is paramount to a smooth installation.

Standard Drop Over Frame

£19.20 inc VAT (£16.00 ex VAT)

Common areas for this frame to be seen are in and around equestrian yards and small holdings. Its construction and weight make it easy to use. Fitting requires drilling the top bar of one of your gates and for this we would recommend using a 10mm metal drill bit. We supply the bolt and washers provided free of charge. The frame also has a small handles either side to make it easy to use even in the winter months.

Drop over frames are essential on pairs or double gates as it stops the gates bending and twisting and is the best way to keep them together and straight.

3.5″ Round Ground Socket

£29.40 inc VAT (£24.50 ex VAT)

These ground sockets fit the posts perfectly and make them removable, they are heavily galvanised. they even come with a cap to cover the hole when the posts have been removed.

4″ x 4″ Square Ground Socket

£30.00 inc VAT (£25.00 ex VAT)

These ground sockets fit the posts perfectly and make them removable, they are heavily galvanised. they even come with a cap to cover the hole when the posts have been removed.