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Horizont Tape Insulators (40mm)


Our tape insulators are also known as a Ranger I-40 Fix. They can secure any tape up to 40mm in depth and suited to more permanent electric fence’s. Either nails or screws can be used to fix these in place.They have an insulation value of up to 24,000 volts!

Horizont Screw-In Insulators


Our most popular insulator! These screw in insulators are fast and easy to install and are suitable for both permanent and temporary electric fencing and can be installed on any wooden post. They are rated to hold tape up to 13mm and rope at 4mm however many people use these with 20mm tape and just let the tape bunch up as it passes through the insulator. Packs of either 25 or 120.

Horizont 20mm Tape Insulator (25 per pack)

£8.40 inc VAT (£7.00 ex VAT)

This tape insulator is known as the Ranger IS-20 and is suitable for tapes up to 20mm in thickness and ropes up to 4mm. Its sharp threaded shaft make it perfect for fixing by hand or tool into a wooden fence post. This is by far one of our most popular insulators.

Horizont Distance Tape Insulators (10 per pack)

£10.20 inc VAT (£8.50 ex VAT)

The long distance insulators are great extending your wire or tape away from your post. The 200mm screw and shaft make sure your conductive material stays well away from any encroaching hedge or bush, allowing your current to be pushed further. This insulator can hold tapes of 13mm and ropes of 4mm. 10 pieces per pack.

Horizont Corner Insulators (12 per pack)

£14.40 inc VAT (£12.00 ex VAT)

Corner insulators are used to allow electric fencing to be pulled tight around corners. Perfect for permeant jobs these corner insulators allow tension to be applied to your tape or rope around corners. 12 pieces per pack.