Our netting, meshes and wires for agriculture effectively protect land from intrusion by wild animals and, at the same time, protect the safety of the same animals. They adapt to different terrains also with slopes and irregularities. In addition, the quality of raw materials, the manufacturing processes, the diameter of the wire and the zinc and PVC coatings ensure high resistance to weather and corrosion over the years.

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Dragon Estate Medium Stock Fencing (50m)

£54.00 inc VAT (£45.00 ex VAT)

Hinge joint field fence manufactured with 2Life® wire which lasts at least two times longer than heavily galvanised.

  • ›  Triple coating of zinc, aluminium and our green anti-corrosion barrier giving enhanced protection.
  • ›  A conventional hinge joint field fence manufactured to BS EN 10223-5. Designed for ease of pull up when erecting. Suitable for the permanent fencing of livestock – sheep, cattle, pigs etc.
  • ›  A centreless core to provide a snag free, easily rolled out fence where all of the roll can be used.
  • ›  A deep crimp between the verticals to aid tensioning over uneven ground, elasticity against livestock and different weather conditions and to allow rainwater to drain away from the joint.

Hampton NET Horse Fencing


Strong, Versatile, User Specifiable fixed knot fencing

Hampton NET™ horse and foal fencing features an animal friendly smooth joint reducing the risk of injury to horses and people. Providing a stronger Horse fencing option than more traditional fencing options.

Smaller mesh sizes can provide reassurance that foal and horse legs avoid entrapment, a safer horse fence and foal fencing option.

One of the core features that sets Hampton NET™ fencing apart is its versatility. Mesh sizes can be as varied as the application or sector demands and hinged lower or upper sections are an easy addition to the configuration. Stay wire spacings can be set at between 2″ and 48″ and line wires can be spaced from 2″ upwards in 1″ increments according to your requirements.

Hampton NET™ fencing is manufactured to BS EN 10223-5 and unless otherwise requested, all wires used are produced to BS4102 and galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A.