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Spillers Speedy Mash


Super-fast soaking sugar beet blend for all horses and ponies.

Fast soaking fibre blend for all horses and ponies including those prone to laminitis.

Spillers Daily Fibre


Triple fibre blend for maximum fibre goodness

SPILLERS Daily Fibre contains a palatable blend of soft fibres to ensure your horse gets maximum fibre goodness.

Includes chopped alfalfa which is high in quality protein and organic minerals.

Added straw and grass nuts provide natural variety and texture.

Low in starch and sugar to support digestive health and reduce the risk of excitability.

Short chopped fibre helps to extend eating time.

The ideal complement to traditional compound feeds and balancers.

Spillers Happy Hoof


For Those Prone to Laminitis.

SPILLERS HAPPY HOOF® is a unique, low calorie fibre blend suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

Spillers Conditioning Fibre


Healthy condition & coat shine from within.

SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre contains a palatable blend of soft fibres and oil formulated to help build condition without excitability.

Spillers Alfalfa Pro Fibre


Pure Alfalfa blend with oil for optimum condition

SPILLERS Alfalfa-Pro Fibre contains a blend of fibres including pure alfalfa which is high in quality protein and organic minerals, ideal for feeding alongside compound feeds and balancers.



HAVENS Slobber-Mash is a very palatable diet-muesli, rich in vitamins and fibres, with purifying action. It consists of flaked cereals, corn, toasted linseed, wheat bran and dehydrated alfalfa, complete with extra vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it contains extra linoleic acids and soy- and sunflower oil.

Equine America Ventilator Powder


The horse’s respiratory system is challenged on a daily basis, both with athletic effort, in training and competition, and through environmental challenges such as dust and spores from hay and bedding

Ventilator is a natural supplement specially formulated using a unique combination of herbs and natural ingredients, known to support all aspects of respiratory health and performance.

Ventilator also includes Echinacea, to provide support for the immune system.

Available 500g (one month’s supply)

Equine America Cortaflex Liquid


Another great product from the Cortaflex family – Cortaflex HA Regular Solution an affordable joint supplement that is easily mixed into your horse or ponies feed.