SPAX, the specialist for modern fastening technology, always relies on the highest quality in its product range. As a specialist for wood, we would like to introduce you to the special properties of SPAX screws.

We have in stock a huge range of Spax products for landscaping, timber and construction projects.

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Spax Flooring Screw 4.5×60

£17.40 inc VAT (£14.50 ex VAT)

No pre-drilling required! The trademans choice for OSB, chipboard or plywood. Includes features such as ground serrations for quick and secure fastening, fixing thread to ensure safe and permanent connection of wood and a multi head to promote flush countersinking.

Spax Wirox C4 Decking Screw 4.5×60

£17.40 inc VAT (£14.50 ex VAT)

The perfect decking screw with a 3-way action! Ground serrations remove the need for pre-drilling (pre-drilling hardwood is still recommended). The absense of a threaded shank allows the materials to be pulled toether tightly and remain secure.

Corrosion protected. Small cylindrical head. 4CUT point. Fixing thread holds.T-STAR plus bit recess.

4.5×60 – Box of 250

Spax Washer Head T-Star W A3J Screws


The ideal screw for timber constructions and stairways. Features include: washer head, ground serrations for quick and secure fastening and 4-cut point to reduce wood splitting and minimises pre-drilling.

Spax Yellox Universal Screws


A universal screw that can be used in multiple ways. The design removes the need for pre-drilling (except hardwoods), this also helps reduce the risk of the wood splitting when working close to surface edges. The design also allows for a quick, safe and secure fastening. The Spax Yellow range is designed with durability in mind, this along side their extremely high resistance against corrosion makes for the prefect woodscrew!