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Horizont Lightweight Plastic Electric Fence Post – 90cm

£1.56 inc VAT (£1.30 ex VAT)

This electric fence post is our economy post. It measures 90cm tall and the two largest loops on this post are 40mm, to suit either tape or rope unto 8mm outside diameter. The post has 10 loops in total varying in size most tapes and rope. This post comes with a 3 year init UV protection warrantee.

Horizont White Electric Fence Post – 90cm

£2.40 inc VAT (£2.00 ex VAT)

Our best quality, most popular white electric fence posts. These posts are used everywhere, from cattle, to alpacas and everything in between. Short enough to be easy to handle and adaptable and tall enough to deter animals from challenging the fence line.

Horizont Green Electric Fence Post – 90cm

£2.40 inc VAT (£2.00 ex VAT)

These posts are extremely popular in situations where you don’t want to be looking directly – some animals are used to electric fencing and are aware the fence is there so don’t require it to be as visible. Made from the same high quality plastic with anti uv protection as the rest of our post range these posts are built to last.

Horizont Tall Electric Fence Post – 120cm

£2.88 inc VAT (£2.40 ex VAT)

Our 120cm post is a better grade post that the economy, mainly due to the ‘foot hold’ on the post. On this post it is moulded as part of the post itself, and has extra bracing too. This makes the foot hold a lot stronger. these posts are commonly used in longer term fences, and due to their extra strength they also suit situations where posts are constantly repositioned, like stop grazing for example. The post has 13 loops of varying sizes with the largest being able to take 40mm tape and rope up to 8mm outside diameter.

Horizont Tape Insulators (40mm)


Our tape insulators are also known as a Ranger I-40 Fix. They can secure any tape up to 40mm in depth and suited to more permanent electric fence’s. Either nails or screws can be used to fix these in place.They have an insulation value of up to 24,000 volts!

Horizont Electric Fence Gate Handle

£5.40 inc VAT (£4.50 ex VAT)

This is electric handle is our best seller and is a real allrounder,  used by everyone we sell electric fencing too, from farmers to equestrians! Sturdy plastic construction and a strong spring makes it perfect for the job.

Horizont Metal Electric Fence Post – 90cm

£6.00 inc VAT (£5.00 ex VAT)

A strong metal electric fence post with an insulated ‘pig tail’ (the twist at the top of the post) at the top of the post. Measuring 90cm out of the ground and with a 20cm spike these posts are most commonly used in agricultural environments. The typically only carry one strand of wire through the top of the posts although additional plastic clip on insulators can be purchased to add on to the shaft of the post. The most common use is on dairy farms.


Horizont 20mm Tape Insulator (25 per pack)

£8.40 inc VAT (£7.00 ex VAT)

This tape insulator is known as the Ranger IS-20 and is suitable for tapes up to 20mm in thickness and ropes up to 4mm. Its sharp threaded shaft make it perfect for fixing by hand or tool into a wooden fence post. This is by far one of our most popular insulators.

Horizont Distance Tape Insulators (10 per pack)

£10.20 inc VAT (£8.50 ex VAT)

The long distance insulators are great extending your wire or tape away from your post. The 200mm screw and shaft make sure your conductive material stays well away from any encroaching hedge or bush, allowing your current to be pushed further. This insulator can hold tapes of 13mm and ropes of 4mm. 10 pieces per pack.

Horizont Gate Spring Set (5m)

£10.80 inc VAT (£9.00 ex VAT)

The gate handle set with spring allows the gate to be opened without earthing the wire on the ground and is extendable up to a massive 5m! The spring is conductive and will be electrified when the charge is on so be careful. Sold individually the set includes a gate handle, spring and gate handle insulator and a ring insulator. The complete kit for the job!

Horizont Screw-In Insulators


Our most popular insulator! These screw in insulators are fast and easy to install and are suitable for both permanent and temporary electric fencing and can be installed on any wooden post. They are rated to hold tape up to 13mm and rope at 4mm however many people use these with 20mm tape and just let the tape bunch up as it passes through the insulator. Packs of either 25 or 120.

Horizont Gate Anchors (10 per pack)

£12.00 inc VAT (£10.00 ex VAT)

Commonly know as a gate anchor or butterfly insulator this is the most popular way of securing a spring gate to your fence. Sold in bags of 10, they can also be used to join electric fence wire on a post if your roll runs out. They are fast and easy to install.